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by Rob Friesel

Nod to -m on this one: Outside Looking In: The BSD Operating Systems

The hook that got me to the end of the article: At the same time, the BSD community had never gotten along well with the FSF because of free software religious wars over GPL vs. BSD licensing issues.

And the epiphany: For those who get past those things, BSD software, in any variety, is stable, extremely flexible, arguably better tested, more secure. At the same time, those things also mean that it tends to be less bleeding edge, slower to come out with new features, and more difficult to initially install.

The thing that bothers me is that this smacks so much of that “RAD” philosophy… As a software consumer and (sort-of-)[sometimes-]developer, there’s a finger to point if ever there was one. You wanna know why yr shit keeps breaking? B/c it’s pushed through so fast and sometimes gets pushed out prematurely just to meet production schedules set by marketing directors and not-altogether-clued-in sales staff.

Tell you what… I’ll start feeling bad about the software pirating out there whe words like “patch” and phrases like “critical update” slip into obscurity.

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