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by Rob Friesel

I feel like my vacation is going pretty well. It was excellent to get out last night and revisit good ol’ Club Charles. Of course, this morning I woke up feeling that stern voice in the back of my head muttering about how I’m not doing nearly the amount of work over my break as I said that I was going to. But somehow that doesn’t seem like something I should spend too much time thinking about. MOVING ON!

The Tomcat setup experiment continues… Seems now that I do actually have Tomcat set up and that (for the most part) it and Apache are talking. The results are inconclusive though b/c the article I used to help me through the set up is about a year old and refers to Tomcat 4 and not 5. Ugh. So not only did I need to re-compile but I’ve had to make a lot of educated guesses and leaps of faith. The localhost/examples/servlet did (fortunately) yield a Tomcat 404 page though — which was a vast improvement over the “Apache doesn’t know what the hell you’re asking for” page that it had been generating just a few hours ago. So… PROGRESS! Now if I can just figure out how the funk to get it to do something useful. Like run Xalan as a servlet and process .xml files — then I’ll be really f00kin ecstatic.

And yesterday’s biggest time-waster… A & I took a trip to Towson’s Apple store — since we were in the neighborhood. The three grandest marvels: (1) it’s almost not possible to describe the 20″ iMac, it’s just that cool; (2) the only thing more amazing than the massive 23″ display is the fact that I could look at the 20″ display and think “this is more than enough space…”; and (3) it’s so easy to forget how small the iPod is. My three other grand observations: (a) Apple needs to hit the $200 price-point to really make the iPod competitive — they won’t win this one on sex-appeal alone; (b) pretty much the same goes with those displays … they’re pretty and pretty awesome but the even the price on the 17″ model seems a little steep when stacking up against competing products; and (c) maybe I was just there on an “off” day but the thing that made my previous visits to the Apple store stand out was the involvement of the employees there — they were just so damn convincing… But not so much on this visit. Hmm…

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