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by Rob Friesel

Perbloggin’ be all we be doin’ as of late, t’ain’t it?

ANYHOO– At right you can observe what I had waiting for me Monday night when we finally returned from our too-long-return-drive home from Maine. Get into work early Tues AM? Make up for lost time? Let’s hear your theory… Fortunately the collapsible shovel that my mom had the foresight to gift us made things a little easier. And A. (bless her little heart) did some keen assistance in the late stages of de-inundating the poor buried Neon. Poor Neon.

And this shit keeps getting worse! I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever again have the balls to venture out of the house. Eek!

In the meantime, it’s nice to know that 90% of my holiday shopping can and was conducted online w/ little harm done to the public.

Next year I intend to hibernate from my birthday clear through to St. Patrick’s day. Maybe later.

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