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osx2x (2).

by Rob Friesel

So… osx2x on KetelOne and VNC on Detonator-3 later and we have success! The reverse of what I was originally going for… But just the same it’s a huge leap. The weirdest part so far is cmd+C’ing everything on KetelOne and then trying to remember that I still need to ctrl+C stuff on D-3. Paradigm shifts in weird, very small degrees. Getting warm though. Which is nice in this cold weather. Again, my hat’s off to Tao of Mac and CrazyBob (which we’ll be returning to later, for obvious reasons)

So far the only truly irritating thing about the VNC experience is that the sensitive screen edge contaminates Exposé. Here we go trying to whip out our many windows and next thing we know, we’re on the other screen. Grr…

UPDATED: Revisiting CrazyBob paid off. osxvnc and win2vnc later and we can now swing this both ways. Which is totally sweet b/c now I can totally justify the upgrade to the keyboard I want. Now if I can just get KetelOne to stop launching the screensaver everytime I leave the screen…

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