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by Rob Friesel

Glossed over it on Tao of Mac but returned to reading up on osx2x after a co-worker randomly chatted me in the middle of the day to ask if I’d heard of it. At first my wires crossed on it and i was like is that some alt x-window mgr or s/thing? not so much… Funny… All of the sudden, this comes up a bunch of times in the span of like 3 days.

The interesting part is that I’d basically all but resigned myself to the ol’ *le sigh* of back and forthing w/r/t/ keyboards/mice. But this may very well X that whole thing out of the equation. Now to spend 15 minutes playing around with it. (Add’l hurdles to get it func’ing at work — but all due course… anyone know of a cheap 2-port fast ethernet hub?)

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