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by Rob Friesel
  1. Exposé on Windows. Everyone knew it would be soon. But maybe not this soon. Of course, Linux had the first clone.
  2. More geeking out… After trying drunk and at 2:30am w/ Eli to try and compile it on my iBook (results were inconclusive…), come to find out some kicked out a whoop-ass installer for Apache2 on OS X. And for Tomcat. And for PHP. And for MySQL. Just wow.
  3. And more on the OS X g33k front: nice primer. In its current form, Mac OS X is uniquely positioned, unlike any other system, to offer the benefits of the *nix Universe as well as counterparts (either the same or with similar functionality) of important software from the Windows Universe.
  4. This one seems to going around lately, too. And I too feel dumber having even just read about it. “…sushi-eating, Volvo-driving…”

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