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iTunes Etiquette.

by Rob Friesel

RIDDLE! How does one handle the meta-data tagging for songs imported from a DJ mix? About half the time I insert a disk, the CDDB gives me the correct title, artist, and album name info … if by correct, we mean that each “artist” field has the name of the individual artists in them and not the DJ’s. But we (*ahem*?) tend to look at these mixes as creative works in and of themselves (particularly if there’s a whole lot of mixing and/or sampling and/or etc. going on) — so the mixer deserves to have his/her name in the meta-data somewhere.

To this point, I’ve been following this format:

Title: (insert song’s name here)

Artist: (insert original artist’s name here)

Album: (insert name of the mix here)

Composer: mixed by (insert DJ’s name here)

…but for some reason that hasn’t been sitting well with me lately. I’m hesitant to put the DJ in the artist field, since I feel like that gives us somewhat misleading output in the main library window. (Sort by artist… Whoa! Look at all that John Digweed!) However, it would seem more appropriate to have him/her in the Artist field w/ the Composer listed as the original producer (or however you would like to term that person or persons). We can always insert the Composer column in the main Library view, right?

But what’s the standard for this? The etiquette? How are other people doing this?

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