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The Great 50.

by Rob Friesel

Another stolen idea from Pete. Albeit, stolen first from Julia:

1. Hacking the Mac
2. Being made a manager
3. “Grateful is…”
4. Moving
5. Truck rental
6. House cleaning
7. Getting electrical systems up to code
8. Missing Baltimore (!?)
9. How I don’t read enough
10. How I don’t write enough
11. Perdido Street Station and how I really *wanted* to like it and did but didn’t think it was that strong from a literary stand-point
12. Why can’t I publish something like Perdido Street Station?
13. Reinvention vs. Ripping Off
14. Creating code
15. XML & XSL & Java
16. Web servers and services
17. Lost time
18. Sleep deprivation
19. “Self-taught”
20. Re-learning everything about *nix system that I apparently never knew in the first place
21. Darwin (the Big Cat OS)
22. Charles Darwin
23. Fossil fuels
24. Hybrid cars
25. ** FRANCHISES **
26. Trying to make sure I get enough fiber in my diet
27. Trying to make sure I get enough food in my diet
28. Seasonal Affective Disorder
29. How I carry all my stress in my shoulders
30. DUI (not mine)
32. “Citydeep”
33. Finding excuses not to make that mix tape and slip it to the bar tender at Monkey
34. Finding ways to get myself outside
35. Dedication vs. Psychoticism
36. Making it work
37. Making it worth something
38. Making it worth my time
39. Knowing that I got myself into this mess
40. Wondering how I’m going to get back the hours I keep losing to “making it work” and “making it worth something”
41. Skeptic vs. Nay-sayer
42. Learning how to lead (for real this time)
43. Feeling “too old” too often
44. Taking it all too seriously
45. Needing to get a cat back into my life in the worst possible way
46. Sacrifices for the greater good?
47. Secular humanism
48. That selfish bastard of a brother of mine…
49. Needing to see more of my family
50. Amy

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Anonymous says:

Nice list!

Nice new look!

Linking to Amy’s new blog!

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