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Assorted web memes, lists, etc. “Quizilla says: You Are Han Solo.”

Random Library Searches

by Rob Friesel

From Fogus: I… uh… what are the rules? From iTunes: songs with “acid”: Acid 8000 Acid Attack Acid Man Acid Theory Acidfire Acidosis Gun Acid Higher State of Consciousness (Tweekin Acid Funk mix) Trans Fatty Acid When I Fall In Love (Stryke’s Acid dub) From Flickr: photos with “bear”: woolly bear No Bear Dogs “Dr. Bear” […]

5 Things

by Rob Friesel

Tagged by Pete through the Honor’s System, here’s my contribution to the meme-licious “Five Things You (Presumably) Didn’t Know About Me”: I played lacrosse in high school. But only in high school. Those four years and not much more than a tossed ball before or afterward. I took three and a half years of Russian […]