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Random Library Searches

by Rob Friesel

From Fogus: I… uh… what are the rules?

  1. From iTunes: songs with “acid”:
    • Acid 8000
    • Acid Attack
    • Acid Man
    • Acid Theory
    • Acidfire
    • Acidosis
    • Gun Acid
    • Higher State of Consciousness (Tweekin Acid Funk mix)
    • Trans Fatty Acid
    • When I Fall In Love (Stryke’s Acid dub)
  2. From Flickr: photos with “bear”:
  3. From links with “camera“:
  4. From books with “dog”:
  5. And… uh… Tweets with “esp.”:
    • could really use some live Sister Machine Gun ♬ esp. “Negative” and/or “Red” [➟]
    • watched pots don’t boil (esp. when they’re that FREAKIN’ BIG!) [➟]

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