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by Rob Friesel

Neat article on Wired about Gracenote. My favorite part:

‘If every user of an iPod had to take their CD collection and hand-type everything in, how many iPods would really get sold?’ said Gracenote CEO Craig Palmer. ‘If they couldn’t do that, then how big would this market actually be?’

While I must admit that I would hate to have to punch in my meta-data for every CD every single time, I think Mr. Palmer is:

  1. …too optimistic about the quality of this service. More often than not, users need to correct their meta-data. And I’m not talking about tweaks to the “genre” either.
  2. …forgetting how much people like to tweak their meta-data. Some of us love the fact that Gracenote’s CDDB plus so much of this in but we will gladly spend hours fixing stuff up to be “just so”…

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