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detonator-3 (cont’d).

by Rob Friesel

Thanks (again?) to SG for that insight on the power supply. Couldn’t have gotten even this far w/o a fresh pair of eyes (even if you are basically just working w/ one right now…) And so in a way we’re in better shape than we were before. And in another, entirely different way, we’re worse off.

Detonator-3 is back on line and powered up and booted up and running. The innards are secured (some pieces secured for the first time since installation) and the machine is operational in its minimal capacity. i.e., we can exchange files, send/rcv email, and otherwise do the network ish one expects out of a machine that is doing double-duty as a desktop PC and server.

Of course, no project like this is w/o a few bumps in the road, right? For whatever reason…

  • only one of two USB ports is working (not totally confirmed yet — but TFG for hubs)
  • the sound card has disappeared from the device manager (and its driver doesn’t even waste its time in loading from what i can tell)
  • the Firewire card is only half working… (dig this! plugging a Firewire device into one of the open ports gets power but the device never shows up on the system (e.g., an iPod will charge but doesn’t show up as a mounted drive in iTunes or in the filesystem)

So yeah, a nice little triumverate of left-over troubleshooting to keep me busy until… Well, at least I’m not bored.

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