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Gates-Longhorn in ’06.

by Rob Friesel

Microsoft announces Longhorn will hit is 2006 target release but at a price. It will ship minus WinFS.

While a major file system overhaul should be a part of any seminal release, this is the part I find fishy:

The new file system, based on database software architecture aimed at making it easier for users to find information stored on hard drives, will be shipped later, with a test, or beta version, of WinFS shipping along with Longhorn in 2006.

…easier for users to find information stored on hard drives… ??? Call me an anal-retentive organization snob but why not just clean up after yourself and use a smart, predictable, logical system that you know and love and use on a regular basis. If you’re going to dump every document that you’ve ever written into ‘My Documents’ then perhaps you have a whole separate set of problems…

Next up!? WinCVS for all your letters-written-to-grandma needs!

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