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by Rob Friesel

Pulling a little “hold on there, tiger” action on myself. Don’t want to jump the gun with all this hot dual-boot action here… (and not because “I have enough problems” with Detonator-3 to begin with … hardly!) While I’m smitten with the Fedora Project … this whole Ubuntu thing threw a curve at me. So now I’m back to what feels like square one, asking myself questions like “How much disk space am I going to need to partition off for this?” and “What’s this about a /dev/swap/ partition?” and “Wait why am I doing this again?”

I admit pretty readily that most of this is simply to satisfy the urge for some deep-geekery. All the swapping of power supplies and other parts recently has put me in the frame of mind for it. I like having these frustrations/projects in my life, I guess.

But there seems to be so little advantage to having Linux of any flavor on a desktop around here other than for the “I did that, too” factor.

I keep my Windows box pretty clean by (1) not downloading porn and (2) steering myself clear of those pesky P2P networks (make no mistake, they pack a wallop!) and (3) generally refusing to open any attachment I didn’t ask for. This doesn’t make Windows any less clunky but it does make my user experience managable. (And as long as Work leans on the Windows crutch, I’m kind of stuck there anyway… Damn you ActiveX!) And while there are plenty of reasons to opt for a Linux over Windows, I also recall that I don’t want to spend 40 non-working hours per week just making sure my machines talk to each other nice. Really, I just want something stable. I want something that just works. Maybe there’s dual-boot in that future…

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