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by Rob Friesel

Random notes, quickie thoughts before (bed?).

<streamofconsciousness>Another night of on-call support? When will this end? Ugh. Bollocksy bullshit. And WTF? is up w/ a third-in-a-row un-use-able power supply? Doesn’t anyone have any standards? Any pride? Don’t you want your customer-base to come back? You sure as shit don’t do it by giving them DOA power supplies rated 100w under the one you sold them in the 1st place. But enough-is-enough with that thread right? And so let’s turn back to being on-call again … WTF? “I don’t get paid enough for this shit.” 20-8-9-19 19-8-9-20. Time to read more. (The wheelchair in Fierce Invalids… as the ultimate metaphor for mankind’s struggle between technological solutions vs. spiritual problems.) Time to write more. (How overdue am I on…ANYDAMNTHING?) Time to rip the system? Time for a change? Time to listen to my heart. (Again? So soon?) Time for bed.</streamofconsciousness>

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