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fond memories.

by Rob Friesel

The time? Midnight-ish March 31, 2001.

The place? Trueschler 3 in the deepest depths of rural St. Mary’s County, Maryland.

The mixer? Well, it was a Numark DM2002X but the DJ was one Ben Thomassen of the otaku-kozu.

Anyway, good times. Glad I kept those CDs…

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5 Responses to fond memories.

found_drama says:

to J–
* As a matter of fact, I do remember that look. (Re-lived it w/ A when we listened to this the other night…)

to B–
* Perhaps Detox will be the next available download… (What a fun mix *that* was!)

Anonymous says:

About 10 minutes in (aprox.) there is a pretty cool song where it sounds as if the woman in the song is saying, “do you like c0ck” (I could be wrong here). What is the name?


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