found drama

get oblique


by Rob Friesel

This song just suddenly and thoroughly b’gock’d me. After like 5 years of having it in my regular headphone rotation and just BAM! it hits me.

Currently Listening: Underworld “Cups”

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Anonymous says:

well, yeah! “bubble girl, you look like a movie.” the simple percussiveness of the karl hyde saying “click.” “‘click’ you disconnect from me ‘click’ when you go and take your sanctuary.”

the city sounds at the beginning, how it sounds like a chillout track until the steady build brings you, nine minutes later, into the coda.

and what a fucking coda. how many times have i said that i’d like 8 more minutes of that coda. in*fucking*credible use of intertwining melody and harmony lines, that dirty 303 sound, that fantastic synchopated beat.

how many times have i tried, using acid, to make my own longer version?

too many, rob. too many.

pete has mentioned this as well, but i recommend looking into the salt city orchestra remix, as well.

<3 domestique

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