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by Rob Friesel

Impasse. Not sure if other programming folk hit this point where you glance down at your project and realize that you’re not fully certain that you understand what you’re doing. I think I’ve reached that point with my sideproject. The `backticks` are all still part of the plan for actually pumping the data into MySQL but the weak point write now is writing the XML parser in PHP. There’s a whole suite of functions but right now I feel like I’m just staring into some gaping maw. I think I can get the testing logic down but I feel this need to know what’s going on. Right now xml_start_element_handler() just isn’t doing it for me. I’m ripping through sample code b/c the chapter itself is like being asked to learn Sumerian in a mirror.

Just a minor gripe & sigh.

Hard to justify spending craploads of time (re)learning this ish when the pay-off is strictly amusement. I suppose that’s not totally true. Sharpening one own self’s kung f00 is time well-spent. Though I’m in need of some more instant gratification.

So, uh… What’s a good game I can run on my iBook that should make its way onto my Xmas wishlist? Since, you know, I was going to ask for Traktor but the demo is simply NOT living up to my expectations.

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