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by Rob Friesel

Smells Like Trance Spirit. Dare I say, the anti-minus-8 mix…? 70-odd minutes of trance and progressive house madness. Recorded in 2001, there are a dozen tracks here ranging from about ’92-ish to ’99-ish (if I’ve got all my labels marked right…) All anthems, all the time. What could be more Trueschler than that? Alright, maybe Trueschler (n) wasn’t all about anthems but there’s still something s(t)ick(l)y sweet about these tracks something that says sitting-on-the-portico-smoking-a-Parliament-and-knowing-better-but-doing-it-anyway. Something very 19. Something very 21. Something very St. Mary’s.

What was so damn special about this mix? Maybe it was the fact that I wasn’t down there anymore but still managed to (feel like) I captured the spirit of raging miniature-Buzz-style some 300 yards from the river. Maybe it was the 4:31 mix (yeah, you heard me, 4:31). Maybe it was the fact that the mix still seemed timely and energized despite being comprised of entirely and all old choons. Choons.

Either way, who forking cares.

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