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by Rob Friesel

First and foremost: WHY AREN’T YOU WRITING, JOHN!?

With that off my chest, I’d like to state how truly amazing and humbling it is sometimes when you know next to nothing about something that requires your attention. When I made my Sunday decision to return home after hearing A’s report that the bathroom was looking good, I did so largely under the impression that it would be one, maybe two more days before the contractor wrapped up the project. Here’s the part where I admit to knowing jack and shit about drywall, next to jack about plumbing, and next to shit about everything else involved in the project. They found hardly any evidence of mold when they ripped up the floor — that was a big shock. And despite gutting the tub and the surround and replacing all the associated plumbing, there still appears to be a leak coming into play somewhere. /sigh And so here is Tuesday evening with your truly feeling like it should all have been wrapped up by now but come to find out such is most definitely not the case. In fact, we may need to vacate again in the near future as the ceramic tiles get set down.

Right. Right. Right.

In other news, I have decided that writing a policy/procedure manual for work is the most tediously dry writing I have ever been involved in. I hate every word of it. It’s fun to use “must” in every sentence and slip in and out of passive voice and perform semantic gymnastics to make every effort at gender-neutrality. /blech!

Don’t try this at home kiddos…

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