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by Rob Friesel

Trying to keep my immune system at bay here. (Or is it the other way around?) Caught a touch of whatever is going around the office and my body is making every effort to remain functional. Half of Sunday was a waste but at least it would have been “OK” if I’d had some seriousness to show for it. Instead I’m just a half-sick, half-healthy, thoroughly-exhausted wreck of little use to anyone.

As if there wasn’t enough annoying about feeling gross to begin with it comes at a time when work is picking back up again, the home front needs some serious addressing, and I was just starting to make good progress on my writing again.

All in all, this camper is less than pleased but dealing.

Agenda: Make sure the shower leak gets fixed for real this time. Re-dis-assemble the drain pipes under the kitchen sink and replace every piece of PVC that doesn’t want to fit together. Resume writing.

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