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by Rob Friesel

As our bathroom is ripped to shreds and slowly rebuilt, piece by piece, from the sub-floor up, I’ve decided to retire to Maine for the duration. I get off the “PTO” hook by promising to work remotely, be available online during my usual hours, and finish a series of “big” projects since I won’t be distracted or interrupted by folks. As much. It’s refreshing in a lot of ways. Mostly, it’s great to not have to commute an hour each way every one of these days. And so far, I’m right on track, having finished the first of the three big projects in the first day away.

In other news, A got her first pub. We’re thrilled. I predicted she’d get 2-3 publications this year, so I feel vindicated that the first one came w/in the first 2 weeks of January. /stoked

My MacWorld-fueled obsession continues… Cult of Mac gives us a nice link re: how the Mac mini is actually a pretty good value. They also provide a link to a very cool bit Wired-worth infoporn re: Apple hitting its “sweet spot”. /heh

Last but not least, the reason I love Maine so much. Excerpts from the local Police Blotter:

An injured sea gull that could not fly was attended to by the animal control officer in the parking lot of the Hannaford store on Hannaford Drive

Police are seeking a subject with no known address regarding a possible criminal threatening complaint by a Mitchell Road resident. The case is under further investigation.


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