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by Rob Friesel

Got Tomcat up and running on localhost:8080 — (hooray!) — w/o conflicting with Resin on localhost:2600 (double-hooray!) — though it will take some thought as to why I would possibly want to run both of these at the same time. Especially since I’ve never had any luck getting either to play nice with Apache. All the tutes I keep finding for making Tomcat and Apache play nice are either Tomcat 4.x and Apache 1.3.x or else Tomcat 5.5.x and Apache 2.x… Frustrating b/c I don’t want to step back to an older version. This is mostly out of stubbornness though. I.e., I spent time getting Tomcat 5.5.x up and running already so… (That sort of thing.) In the meantime, I’ll just see about getting that Wiki up and running and taking it from there. Soooooo not how I want to spend my whole Sunday.

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