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(written) word.

by Rob Friesel

All this recent comic reading lately caused me to suffer a suddent brainstorm. What if I took one of my novels from the St. Mary’s period and re-tooled it as a web comic? Too bad I’m not much of an artist. It’s a thought though, I guess. Both of the novels I wrote during my time at SMCM could be easily adapted. Their narratives might even be better suited for that format. Then again, I could be on crack. That being said, all the tooling around with wikis lately has be wanting to draft a narrative and post it in a wiki to see how something like that pans out.

Where do I come up with these awful, just terrible ideas?

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5 Responses to (written) word.

Alana says:

DO IT!!! I “finished” QC yesterday (meaning I caught up from the beginning to today, and this one-day-at-a-time thing is a real drag) — so I’m starving for more of that sort of thing. Write ‘Breeder Politics’ with stick figures, and maybe some artist will take pity on you and offer to draw it. It’s not a bad idea!

found_drama says:

Julia, eh? That’s a possibility. but the last time we worked on anything of that nature i wound up with a sketchbook full of molested cyborg sheep and dominatrixes…

julia says:


I think a collaboration should be in our future!! And I promise I won’t make all of your characters into sheep or women with strap-ons.

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