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13 Moons

by Rob Friesel

Alexandre Rockwell’s 13 Moons pretty much comes out of nowhere as an absurd freak-show comedy that’s ever so slightly ambiguous in its ethics — which is probably its strongest point. This one scores high in the “WTF?” department, with fortunately low scores in the cliche area; kinda runs out of steam at the end but overall pretty strong. Definitely worth the viewing.

Interesting side notes: Steve Buscemi gets the billing on the cover but his role seems sort of in between the action of the other characters. Instead, we’ve got some killer performances by David Proval, Peter Stormare, Pruitt Taylor Vince, and Karyn Parsons (whom I swear I know from some film other than The Ladies Man or Major Payne but can’t seem to find credits for…)

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