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3D cinema and depth-of-field

by Rob Friesel

With 3D turning into a big draw for box office films now 1, and with Sony claiming they’ll put in our living rooms by the end of the year, I’ve had a few conversations now about the 3D effects and whether/not they “feel right”.  Most folks seem to agree that if you let go and […]

on Robocop

by Rob Friesel

When you walk away from Robocop, there is a temptation to describe it as a Dickian film. Certainly the elements seem to be there:  a man with a subsumed identity and a concealed past, struggling against forces larger than him–perhaps even controlling him–in a bleak dystopian future setting.  The looming megacorporation that wipes out his […]

redux: Deadwood as creation myth

by Rob Friesel

Coming to Deadwood‘s anti-climactic finale last night, I decided to append a few follow-up notes and thought questions to my earlier assertion that the show was David Milch’s attempt at a purely American creation myth: Upon further reflection, Milch is attempting some important inversions on the creation myth paradigm.  We’ve already discussed how his women […]

Deadwood as Milch’s attempt at a purely American creation myth

by Rob Friesel

Work with me here:  When David Milch hallucinated the opening scene to what would become Deadwood, when he gathered up his personal assistant(s) into a darkened room and reclined on the couch to spill forth from his amygdala exactly what he was seeing beyond his third eye, he was leaking his fever-dream vision of a […]