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haiku movie review: The Dark Knight

by Rob Friesel

desperate times call
for violating all laws.
so much for heroes.

I enjoyed the The Dark Knight, but man what a fucked-up story. I feel like it gets the spirit of Batman pitch-perfect, but that just leaves me worked-up and angry. If you think of it as a film that attempts to capture our national reaction to 9/11, then yes: it’s easy to favor expedience over righteousness in what feels like a time of crisis, to take some very visible short gains at the expense of the real/best long-term goals.

And maybe that’s how Christopher Nolan nailed the ending there: unroll a seemingly complex moral dilemma to show how easily we over-complicate the matter, and then ram it home by demonstrating how corruptible everyone is, leaving us without heroes—or glorifying all the wrong ones for the sake of our own comforts.

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3 Responses to haiku movie review: The Dark Knight

Andrew Liptak says:

I loved the film and the characters. Nolan got the story dead on, I thought, in tone, but also how the juxtaposition of law/order vs. chaos/disorder. Joker was superb in that role as well.

found_drama says:

No doubt. He had some interesting and subtle things going on in between the not-so-subtle explosions and all. I’m still having trouble digesting Gordon’s closing dialogue-as-soliloquy though and/or whether Batman throws himself on Dent/Two-Face’s sword as a bit of penance for his massive civil liberties violation.

Andrew Liptak says:

I thought that that element, with Dent/Two Face, pushed the movie a little too much, and made it crowded. I sort of hoped that they would take that storyline and push it to film #3, with a lot of setup or something.

Moreover, I liked everything about the Joker. Exceedingly well thought out.

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