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What’s In Your Bag?

by Rob Friesel

As part “Meme-watch ’05” and in the proud tradition of “What’s On Your Dock?”, via Boing Boing“What’s In Your Bag?”

Spilling forth from a Timbuk2 Detour: KetelOne, K1’s power brick, K1’s VGA-out adapter, Firewire-to-Dock cable, about 4′ of Cat-5, back-up headphones, about $0.85, a folder with some papers in it, a clipboard with some papers on it, some loose papers, a gift certificate for a massage, mechanical pencil, blue ballpoint pen, neon yellow highlighter, the work cellphone w/ headset, my prescription sunglasses, Mac OS X in a Nutshell (10.2 edition), and somehow the cat got in there…

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