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wiki fever.

by Rob Friesel

Final thoughts of the evening before passing out in a puddle of my own cortical juices…

Currently addicted to VoodooPad …er… Lite version anyway. The personal Wiki r0xx0rs my b0xx0rs. I’d heard about it about a month ago and was intrigued. I was a little hesitant to dive in though b/c my notes etc. were all jotted on to little Stickies Cmd+H’d out of view etc. etc. But I took the 1/2 hr the other morning to cram some of the more pertinent info in there and I’ve been in love since the 2nd hr of using it. Content w/ the Lite version for now but I have a sneaking suspicion that going to the full version may become necessary.

On the Wiki front, my experimentation w/ XWiki has taken a nice turn. I’d been farting around with it for the past couple weeks trying to get the thing up and running with limited success. After I re-installed it (“completely” this time…) I managed to put a lot of the pieces together that hadn’t been adding up (“connecting the dots”, if you will) and breathed a few sighs of relief. Grooming that bad boy to see how it’ll work out if I deploy it at the office. Still some things about it that bug me but we’ll get where we need to be through hacks and/or brute force.

Now I shall brute force myself to sleep.

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