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your own rules.

by Rob Friesel

Via x180, this is perhaps the most fucking brilliant convention wisdom I have heard to date:

The end result is that it’s essentially impossible to become successful or well off doing a job that is described and measured by someone else.


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2 Responses to your own rules.

Anonymous says:

It seems to be conventional wisdom… however, the terms “successful” and “well off” are highly subjective. Who judges “success” or “well off”-ness? Is it the person in question, some intrinsic definition, or some panel of snooty judges?


found_drama says:

funny– that’s pretty much what i thought the take-home message was. if you are your own judge of success and do so on your own terms, your success is assured (esp. since you get to define these options as is) rather than relying on someone else’s spec. the subjectivity seems to be the pinion here.

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