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by Rob Friesel

Holy fucking shit.

UPDATE! See also this article. To which a friend of mine adds:

I’m sure Adobe’s legal department will have a field day with the thousands of pieces of software available to manipulate/create/edit the open source Flash file format and related products. You may recall that in 2001 Adobe went after a Russian programmer for developing software with the primary intent of allowing text-to-speach software to read eBooks to blind people by translating them to open pdf’s

See also here and here.

UPDATE(2)!! Official press releases at…:

UPDATE(3)!!! A few more thoughts and/or predictions on this event:

  1. I find it surprising that as of this writing, Moock hasn’t weighed in on any of this. (timeline: 2-3 days)
  2. Adobe will can GoLive to promote Dreamweaver. Coming soon: “Dreamweaver CS” (timeline: 3-4 months)
  3. Freehand will fade into the background, subsumed once and for all by Illustrator (timeline: 3-4 months)
  4. Fireworks gets rolled into ImageReady; ImageReady will still suck (timeline: 6-8 months)
  5. Flash gets some major re-tooling; performance boosts on the Mac; hopefully the ActionScript scene won’t stagnate (timeline: 10-12 months)
  6. Director development gets shut down and ultimately goes”bye bye”; it’s burgeoning 3D aspects will get rolled into Flash (timeline: 10-12 months)
  7. ColdFusion will get some new and additional exposure — no re-branding, just re-marketing (timeline: 4-6 months)
  8. Less predictable are the fates of products like Flex, Contribute, Captivate, etc. — which I imagine will see continued development though nothing to write home about (timeline: 12-24 months)

Guess we all stay tuned…

UPDATE(4)!!!! Nice round-up post by Kottke on the Macrodobe thing. He does a nice job collapsing a lot of “substantive” posts into something easy to digest. Not much mention of ColdFusion there or anywhere else that I’ve seen so far. I’m very very intrigued by this. Could it be that I’m over-estimating ColdFusion’s contribution to the Macromedia equity? My money is on “yes” because I’m coming up with few names of folks that use it.

Oh. And still nothing out of Moock on the subject.

OK– Time for me to move off this topic…

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