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near death experience

by Rob Friesel

Perhaps the title over states the case a little bit but I’ll admit that I nearly died of panic earlier while trying to dig up a copy (ANY copy) of a track I did about 3 years ago. Called “Duskdown”, it’s one of the few that I’m actually proud to say “I wrote that” about w/ a true-to-life smile.

It seemed odd to me that I didn’t already have it in iTunes. But what seemed even odder to me was that I couldn’t find a copy anywhere on my hard drive. Not the original loops and samples. Not a rough-cut .wav or .mp3. Nothing. Not quite panicked, I started looking through old back-up CD-Rs. Nothing. Starting to panic, I looked through the 100+ CD wallet things where we keep all of our store-bought and otherwise burned CDs. Nothing there either. Found a couple w/ the familiar “P(R)o-Mo” label on them but none that contained the “Duskdown” track. Starting to freak out at this point, I moved on to the basement where we’ve got the plastic tubs for “deep storage” of the assorted CD cases and other items that really have no place in an uncluttered living room. Sure enough, I found a few more “P(R)o-Mo” labeled CD-Rs and so I dragged those upstairs to where I could pop them in and listen.

With a lot of good fortune, I found one.

Now to make sure it doesn’t get lost again:


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