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sunday round-out

by Rob Friesel

Spent an hour trying to deal with this:

Only to get frustrated with the fact that it refuses to go in to “Disk Mode” so that I can wipe it’s little brain and make it work again. Alas– bad Stoli.

Moved on… A came home and she and I went to town on the yard trying to rid it of dandelions (serious roots on those motherfuckers) and bring this Xmas-past’s “bush tree” back to life. In digging out a spot for the bush tree, we managed to find not one… not two… but seven large chunks of granite:

Feeling a bit (more?) satisfied, we moved along to grilling and Bloody Marys…

Following that, A hit up the neuro-anatomy studying and I went back to work on trying to figure out how to resurrect the comatose ‘pod. Turns out there’s a diagnostic mode (which is did respond to) and therein lies a hard drive scan utility:

…which is pretty much where it’s been since then. Spent an hour reading the thorough Ars Technica review of X.4 and after that unplugged the pod from power to write this and let it run itself down.

Now the debate: Do I crack that bad boy open and see if I can’t monkey it myself? Do I contact Apple for a repair? If the rumors line up with the facts, then that would seem (to me at least) to be foolish at best.

Thoughts? Resources? Anyone have a starting point for me? B/c I’m quickly running out of them…

currently playing: the quiet whine of a 1.8″ Toshiba hard drive on its last leg?

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