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sunday round-up

by Rob Friesel

Weighing in on a barometric headache… (ugh) Far from a spectacular weekend, it’s graciously been a distance from catastrophic, too.

A & I caught the HHGTTG movie — which was a good adaptation. Not the world’s best cinema but a good laugh with some highlight moments. I didn’t feel ripped off and definitely left w/ a smile.

Yesterday started off w/ early clear skies which quickly grayed over and dumped. But the LL Bean outlet store in Lebanon, NH gave us a couple of nice scores to make up for it.

The rest of the weekend has been rainy and dull. Stoli was 99% psycho this morning and somehow managed to send my ‘pod flying. Now it doesn’t seem to want to come to life and when it does, it gives the ill “/!\” folder icon which just seems to be bad news the whole way around. So between A’s ‘pod crapping out and now this, I’m doing some slight venting.

On the other hand, some decent brainstorming on my continued writing projects has gone well. I’ll take whatever ideas I can get these days. Esp. when they feel like good ones.

Now if I can stop with all the vague and vaguely jungle-themed dreams and get some rest, we might be in business.

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  10. Nitzer Ebb “Join In The Chant”

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