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by Rob Friesel

As an accidental experiment, I rolled through my usual blogs in reverse order this evening. I always stop by Beyond the Beyond but (i admit almost sheepishly) I rarely “take away” very much. Tonight though — and maybe it was b/c of the “in reverse” thing — or maybe it was b/c I’m trying to put off work — I stumbled on this entry. It was more the title for me and less the content. And mostly the title b/c I had coffee w/ a co-worker today and wound up rambling about my project which has been on/off/on/off-again-and-again for the past couple of years.

And I asked myself: Wasn’t this the year I was going to knuckle into the project for real? Like — for really real? There seems no end of excuses out of me. The desire is there — I go to bed thinking about the project every night. So what’s the real reason that I haven’t produced a page of text since Feburary 24th?

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