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Donnie Darko

by Rob Friesel


Thought that it had been Wrangled but turns out I saw it here… (Same difference?)

Very heady, very well-informed flick philosophically, dramatically, and cinematically speaking. Oh and while the psychology leans in the pop-psych direction, it isn’t so caught up in that angle that it ruins it. (In fact, I’d say that card was played with tender care.)

Allusions that blew me away:

  • Frank? Harvey. Harvey? Frank.
  • The E.T. bike ride right down to the freakin’ grey hoodie. (The inclusion of Drew Barrymore w/in the flick as a nod just put it over the filmic top on that element)
  • Plane disaster a la Fight Club

I’m sure there were others snuck in there but I was either (a) too knocked out to catch them on the first pass or else (b) haven’t got enough cinema under my belt.

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