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by Rob Friesel

No sooner do I get Malkovich set up than Apple makes the announcement at WWDC ’05. har har har

The comment thread on Engadget’s livecast was worth a good gander. The same mix of uninformed knee-jerk reactions and “oh yeah!” insightfulness one would expect from that crowd. But the two most interesting [p]reactions were on Carmo’s Tao of Mac and Gruber’s Daring Fireball. Carmo’s five bullet point list on misconceptions was a nod to reasonable thinking just prior to the announcement. And there’s Gruber’s usual sober analysis:

I think it boiled to a choice between two difficult options: either initiate a painful and expensive transition to Intel processors, or stick with PowerPC and fall behind.

My personal take? There’s more here going on than we know. My guess is there’s an Intel CPU as-yet-unveiled — something 64-bit that measures up to the PowerPC line. (That’s my bias showing.) I just find the hardware switch terribly interesting in light of the Xbox 360 and it’s triple PowerPC core.

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