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wednesday night round-up

by Rob Friesel

In addition to today’s one and two other posts, I’ve crapped my brain in to this one…

I was super stoked earlier today to discover that A’s surprise for me came in and I snatched it up. (How I have missed this disc!)

Other than that: Shit is hitting the fan left and right. It’s really kind of incredible how and when things blow up. (But anyway…) I’ve coordinated one hell of a surprise for A for this weekend that I’m quite looking forward to.

Oh, and apparently AppleScript thinks that recurring events in iCal do not qualify as events. What do you mean by that? I mean that if you have set an event to recur every weekday until the end of time but the initializing event is (say…) 6 months ago, AppleScript won’t return the recurrence as existing today.

tell application "iCal"
  set theCal to calendar "Sample Calendar"
  set eventSummary to the events in eventSummary
  set the item_count to the number of items in eventSummary
  repeat with i from 1 to the item_count
    set this_item to item i of eventSummary
    if (the start date of this_item) is todayIs then
      display dialog ((start date of this_item as string) &⌐
      " to " & (end date of this_item as string) & " " &⌐
      (summary of this_item as string)) buttons {"OK"}⌐
      default button 1
    end if
  end repeat
end tell

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