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did i miss something?

by Rob Friesel

Perusing the iTunes Music Store recently, I stumbled across the new Nick Warren. The first surprise was that I’d thought after Reykjavik he’d said he wasn’t doing another of these mixes. And then I thought to myself Why haven’t I seen one of these mixes in the iTMS before? I’d certainly looked. And then things got terribly interesting. The entire tracklisting of the mix was (of course) available for download. But should you opt to “Buy Album” there was the following bonus:

…both discs in their entirety as single files. Haven’t finished my exploration on this yet but am wondering… (1) Podcast chapter markers adding a new dimension to this? (2) Was the demand just finally(?) there to do this? Either way: nice!

currently playing: Amon Tobin “Chomp Samba”

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