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Saturday afternoon round-up

by Rob Friesel

A and I got our kayaks out on the water again (so soon!) today. This time the destination was Wrightsville Reservoir:

panoramic Wrightsville Reservoir

A bit closer than our last trip and a bit more paddle friendly. (Though perhaps ironically we found the directions for it on a website devoted to area waterskiers.)

Follow up Dr’s appointment yesterday panned out fair enough, I suppose. Symptoms have largely subsided at this point and there didn’t appear to be any evidence that further testing would be required. We’re sticking with the fluid-in-the-ears hypothesis but I’ve been instructed to make an appointment should the dizzy spells come back with their prior severity and/or frequency and/or duration. So that’s well and good. Or at least well and good enough.


  • Pete comments further on CC licensing — which I kind of expected. He raises some good (counter-)points. Esp. w/r/t/ not confusing CC licenses for Public Domain. As for the rights-holders vs. consumers balance of power question… We’ll have to go there eventually.
  • BoingBoing has a thread going on re: artists-in-residence at SF Recycling & Disposal. This feels timely and poignant for some strange reason. Earlier today I had a brain meltdown when the full recursive (immersive?) nature of NASCAR advertising hit me. And don’t even get me started on the damn spoon… Found objects and recontextualization abound, apparently. (I’m a long way from home, Joanne…)
  • TUAW posts re: automated OS X back-ups via rsync which is like soooooooo 1999 but definitely extra handy. If you haven’t already: take your pick.
  • Last but not least: Happy Birthday to my dad! He got one of these for his birthday done up with photos from his trip to Madagascar last year. He had hundreds of awesome pictures — stunning for every reason you can think of. And one of my favorites (for the juxtaposition):

Now to return to the land of the living and keep A from murdering neighborhood children…

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