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bummed (part two)

by Rob Friesel

So to follow up on today’s earlier post, there was no reviving Malkovich. It did not boot up on its own after 24 hours of cooling off. So I thought/hoped that maybe if I re-seated the SATA drive connectors that we would at least get one final access on this drive. Wrong again. Got inside (with a little help) and unplugged/replugged but the same failure to boot was the result. So no success there. But I guess we could call it “good practice” for when I’ll replace the drive in a couple of days…

Interesting observations:

  • the screws along the bottom of the iMac don’t come all the way out (so you can’t lose them)
  • the screws holding the hard drive in place are not the ones you think they are (which is a relief b/c I don’t have an Allen wrench handy)
  • yes, it is a good idea to pull the memory out first
  • I don’t know what’s up with that “HD heat” sensor cable but it is a pain in the ass to pull out (and unnecessarily adds about 10 minutes to the procedure)

Now to rid myself of my “computer killing electro-magnetic field“…

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