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by Rob Friesel

Last night’s hard drive failure really has me bummed out. Way to kick in the post-vacation blues… It could definitely “be worse” – – I could have nothing backed up. I could have deleted the gargantuan .tar back-up of the iTunes library. KetelOne could have gone down at the same time. But as it stands, I’m just thinking about the pain in the ass that it’s going to be to go through the reinstallation of the OS and then all my apps and restoring ~ folders from back-ups and then the slow and painful process of discovering what items did not get backed up. I have this sneaking suspicion (for example) that the Quicken file did not saved to the “Craig” external drive.

It’s enough to make me want to gouge out my eyeballs.

Right now I’m clinging to this pathetic hope that after 24 hours of “cooling off” I’ll be able to get Malkovich to come back online one last time with that drive and make a mad dash to grab items from ~rob

It also all has me thinking about how great AppleCare Tech Support is – – and asking (A‘s question: “Could it be that it’s so good because it breaks all the time?” Their “out” here is that if it really is a bad hard drive then we can fall back on: “Well, we sub-contract the drives out to…” But the fact of the matter remains that I haven’t had these weird problems on KetelOne under Panther.

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