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No. 13 Baby

by Rob Friesel

Did the 13th Art Hop last night w/ some friends. (See also: last night’s post.) It was a good time for sure and I’m extra grateful that I live near enough a city with an organization like SEABA.

I will say this though: Can we go easy on photography please? As a culture, really. Seriously. More than half of the photos that we saw could be summed up as “technique for technique’s sake.” Congrats — you’ve learned that the shutter can be open for four seconds -OR- Align the grain to the paper on the enlarger and ENLARGE! That sort of thing. Not to say that there weren’t some excellent photos. We saw many that had neat subject matter or even *gasp!* neat subject matter with compelling techniques.

But when you really break it down, I’m afraid the the romance with the lens is really kind of tawdry and facile. Not to say that photo work is necessarily a cheap slut but when you go to the meat market looking for your soul mate be prepared for some disappointments along the way.

THAT being said, there were some awesome sculptures, paintings, and pastels that we saw. Really neat stuff.

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One Response to No. 13 Baby

john says:

Funny, I was at a photography gallery show last night and had much the same response. There was a lot of “well made” photos that ultimately engaged me not at all.

I think photography has become so democratized through digital cameras and photoshopping tools that it has do something more than capture an outside reality to really grab us as Art.

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