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poor Malkovich

by Rob Friesel

KetelOne’s Revenge continues… Picking up where we left off…

  • replacement hard drive arrived today
  • removed the bad drive (once again, watch out for that “HD HEAT” cable on the side – – delicate little wire!)
  • installed the new drive
  • booted to the blinking “?” folder (as expected, since there’s no OS on the drive yet)
  • insert install DVD and reboot + C
  • Installer doesn’t seem to see the hard drive that I just put in there (um… not OK?)
  • reboot + “Option”; this doesn’t seem to see the hard drive either (now I’m getting worried)
  • run “Apple Hardware Test”… (Extended Test)
    • AirtPort: Passed
    • Logic Board: Passed
    • Mass Storage: Passed
    • Memory: …
  • …after 32 minutes, I decided to skip that…
  • reboot + C
  • Disk Utility sees it OK but the Installer still doesn’t… (!?!?)
  • — hit their little chat service…
  • “…try putting a file system on it…” (e.g., Disk Utility > Erase Volume)
  • /doh!
  • we now return you to your installation, already in progress…

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