found drama

get oblique

toward week’s end

by Rob Friesel

After the other night I kind of wanted to give up… But the Malkovich restoration continues. I’ve managed to neglect DHL’ing the bunk hard drive back but soon enough. I guess I was holding out for the remote possibility I’d get stuff off of it. Not so much. Anyways…:

…that was successful. But then I managed to embarrass myself by leaving off the “z” in “tar -xvzf $BACKUPS/iTunesLib.tar” – – wow. That was about 24 hours and a heart attack wasted. I’m in some sort of technological Cthulhu campaign, I’m convinced. Especially now that I spent half the night callings banks and stuff to get passwords on accounts reset only to find that those reset passwords don’t work an hour later or at all.

How much more fun could this be?

If I’d known then what was in store for me, I might have skipped the oysters – – or slurped down the last one and then impaled my eyeball on mother of pearl.

No really… Let’s get things back to normal, shall we?

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