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Daily Archives: October 20, 2005

(not) png problems

by Rob Friesel

More on this problem with how IE has decided to (not) support PNG images… Spent a while this evening farting around with the Lovitt method and in particular with the “Browser Detect Lite” aspect of it… All my script output though was the fail-over: [rabbit] /sigh Resisting the temptation to replace it with a GIF. […]

dream.20051020: wok

by Rob Friesel

For whatever reason, I’m charged with creating woks for some town. The town itself is vaguely post-apocalyptic; entirely underground in the way that subways are but fashioned out of buried, converted double-wides and other modular structures. It’s lit up by fluorescent bulbs which give everything a grey-green mid-80s schoolhouse pallor. Everything seems to be made […]