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by Rob Friesel

Maybe I’d never heard of Firefly before because its short stint on TV happened to coincide with when A & I didn’t have one and watched even less of it. Maybe it’s Serenity‘s upcoming release that brought it on to our radar screen. Or maybe it was just chance.

In short, it’s a Steampunk/Western & Space Opera mash-up that seems to gel pretty well and isn’t totally insufferable. If you can make it through the pilot episode. It’s hard to do quality sci-fi. Especially for screen. Especially for TV. More so for network TV. It’s pulled off fairly well and in the five episodes that A and I have screened on DVD, it seems to be very well done. The story has gotten pretty interesting and the actors have brought some life to characters that on the surface could easily be cliched. Granted, we haven’t finished up the complete series … so maybe it all falls apart? Or maybe (just maybe) like so many other sci-fi programs from TV-land, it just fell victim to the curse that follows genre shows. Or maybe it’s the curse that follows every good show ever premiered on Fox. (See also: Profit; counter example: X-Files)

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