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Mt. Philo (part 4)

by Rob Friesel

Mt. Hunger didn’t pan out on account of there was apparently knee-deep snow about a third of the way up the trail. We couldn’t verify this first hand (weren’t prepared for this) but the woman who came down as we arrived assured us. “Not such a good idea. Not today.” So we bailed on that and took off for a quick cruise up Mt. Philo.

That was a bit more sane (given the circumstances) and much easier to find. (Mt. Hunger’s trailhead is only allegedly well-marked.) This still made for a good day out and about. Some nice foliage was observed, many pictures were taken. Then later we learned to play a fun but truly maddening game called “Briscola” while chicken was braised. Much wine consumed. Late-night viewing of Rushmore.

Well played.

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