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by Rob Friesel

Reflecting on John’s recent post (one of the comments, to be specific), it dawned on me that I’d never cast my perfect true-to-point cinematic version of Neuromancer. How sloppy of me.

  • Armitage/Corto – John Turturro (though Gary Oldman and Christopher Walken are close runners up for this role…)
  • Case – Jason Lee (think about it, he’s perfect! in a twisted sort of way)
  • Hideo – Collin Chou
  • Julius Deane – (having trouble coming up with a name but he played the owner of the Triple-K Marine boat dealership in Corndog Man)
  • Lady 3Jane – Kiera Knightley
  • Molly – Julie Delpy
  • Peter Riviera – Jeremy Sisto
  • The Finn – Moritz Bleibtrau

Now for my director… Since Chris Cunningham apparently won’t do other people’s stories… David Fincher. The vote comes mostly for Fight Club but also the Cunningham connection through Alien3 which I feel comfortable blaming on the screenwriters.

[insert wishing star here]

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