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dream.20051116: [en]crypt

by Rob Friesel

I’m inside this giant warehouse that feel straight out of a Doom level. (It’s all surface and no interior. You can get on but not in something or else in it but not on it.) I keep missing calls on my cell but it never rings or vibrates or anything. It just shows up: 3 MISSED CALLS – – I’m trying to call folks back as quick as I can. There’s a sense that I’m being pursued though I neither hear nor see anything. The most missed calls seem to be from my dad. For whatever reason, the phone lists him as the caller but lists the number as PRIVATE – – and for whatever reason the address book function won’t let me just dial the number that I do have from the green dialing button. I have to punch the number in manually but the numbers don’t work. If I dial 207 it goes in as 564. If I dial 564 it goes in as 298. Meanwhile, it keeps telling me that I’ve missed 3 more calls. 6 more calls. 2 more calls. I start to notice a pattern in the way it reads in the numbers. Maybe I can puzzle this out and get it to go in straight (assuming the network isn’t going to then encrypt the digits one more time) when the phone snaps shut and refuses to open.

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